Creative Process

Pattern Making inspired from Vintage Garments
Pattern making is an art form that allows
us to bring our vision for clothing to
life. At its core, it's a process of
designing a blueprint for each garment
that will be crafted, ensuring that it
complements the wearer's body in a way
that is both stylish and comfortable.
At our company, we take a unique approach
to pattern making by drawing inspiration
from vintage clothes. We believe that the
classic styles of the past can inform our
contemporary designs, and so we carefully
study vintage garments to understand how
they were cut and constructed.
By using vintage clothes as our guide, we
are able to create patterns that not only
look great, but also fit the body
perfectly. We pay close attention to the
details of each garment, from the way the
fabric drapes to the shape of the seams,
to ensure that our designs are not only
beautiful, but also functional and
Through our dedication to the art of
pattern making, we are able to create
clothing that celebrates the beauty of
the human form and complements the unique
style of each wearer. We are proud to
offer clothing that is not only stylish
and fashionable, but also thoughtful and
inspired by the rich history of fashion.

Garment Dyeing
Rather than utilising pre-dyed fabric, a
significant number of our clothing pieces
undergo the dyeing process after being
crafted and assembled.
Through this garment dyeing technique,
our fabrics acquire a luxuriously soft
and smooth texture, accompanied by an
impeccably even colour distribution that
remains unaffected by water-induced
shrinking. When adorned or laundered for
the first time, these garments emanate a
captivating vibrancy due to the
considerable amount of dye absorbed
during the washing process.
As time progresses, akin to a cherished
vintage treasure, these garments
gracefully develop a subtly faded
aesthetic, evoking a chic and
effortlessly worn-in appearance
throughout their lifespan.
Fabric Technology
In this era of remarkable technological
progress, textile science and engineering
have reached unprecedented heights,
revolutionising the potential of what
garments can offer us.
Beyond mere weaving techniques or
material composition, the true value lies
in the reliability, functionality, and
effectiveness of clothing in our everyday
lives. Equally important is the ethical
production process and the ability of
garments to age gracefully, embracing a
long-lasting and sustainable approach to
consumer products.
At Atelier Estorninho, every aspect of
our collection is meticulously crafted
and thoughtfully designed, paying careful
attention to the finest details. While
this endeavour demands great effort, it is
an essential pursuit to create timeless
pieces of slow fashion that endure the
test of time.

Screen Printing
As the demands of production escalated,
printing techniques underwent significant
transformations. However, embodied within
the ethos of honoring the past for a
brighter future and our pursuit of an
unparalleled sartorial experience,we have
spared no effort in ensuring that our
garments age beautifully over their
Collaborating closely with local artisans
in small workshops, we endeavor to
recreate the very essence of vintage
T-Shirts that captivates our collective
Our graphically intricate Tees bear the
mark of screen printing, an ancient
method renowned for its enduring
qualities, delivering vivid and vibrant
colours that gracefully fade and acquire a
natural patina over time, devoid of any
concerns regarding peeling or cracking
vinyl sheets.
Indeed, this undertaking necessitates a
substantial investment of handiwork,
unwavering focus, time, and effort,
rendering it impervious to the
mass-produced approach that pervades our
modern landscape. Yet, the result is a
truly one-of-a-kind creation, an
embodiment of uniqueness and worth that
weaves a new narrative with every wear,
offering respite from the ceaseless cycle
of replacements. It is in this way that
we foster an authentic embodiment of the
slow fashion philosophy, cultivating a
mindful approach to our lives.

Design & Branding
        Modern design rules have been discarded
        in pursuit of a humanistic, intuitive
        approach to drafting our brand’s image.
        We’ve been told in academia to never
        break these guidelines, to design with
        consistency, prevent non-proportional
        scaling of graphics and text, maintain
        alignment and choose only up to three
        These guidelines were made to mass
        produce graphic designers without the use
        of our creative intuition and visual
        instinct innate artistic people. And to
        design in an assembly-line style to
        satisfy large corporations that need 
everything standardised and regimented.
        Our tags are a nod to the past when
        artisans and skilled craftspeople used to
        shape the world. An homage to a system of
        labour long gone.