Our Classic Sweatshirt

  • Reviving History

    We're embarking on a journey to preserve pieces of history, carrying their timeless elegance into the present. Our inspiration draws heavily from vintage menswear classics, weaving their existence into every garment we create.

  • Thoughtful Design Process

    Our approach to design is methodical and deliberate - We do not rush the process or adhere to seasonal collection rotations. Each garment undergoes thorough research and refinement, resulting in a product of the highest quality.

  • Ethical Production

    Our garments are meticulously crafted using only the finest luxury fabrics sourced from around the globe. Each fabric is carefully selected for its quality and durability, guaranteeing that our garments will stand the test of time.

A Perfect Blend

Our thoughtfully crafted blend of viscose and linen offers an array of discreet yet unmistakable advantages to your wardrobe:

Smooth Texture: The blend of viscose and linen creates a smooth and soft texture, making the shirt comfortable to wear against sensitive skin. Viscose adds a silky feel to the natural coarseness of linen.

No Fraying:
Linen, known for its durability, when combined with viscose, tends to fray less compared to pure linen fabric. This means your shirt will maintain its integrity and appearance over time.

Less Wrinkling: Linen is prone to wrinkles, but the addition of viscose helps reduce wrinkling. This means your shirt will look neater and require less ironing or pressing.

Better Drape and Shine: The blend provides improved drape, giving the shirt a more flattering fit. Additionally, the fabric can have a subtle sheen, adding to its overall visual appeal.

Both linen and viscose are breathable materials, making the shirt suitable for warm weather. They allow air circulation, keeping you cool and comfortable.

Explore Our Fleming Shirts

Military Inspired Garments

Blending the timeless aesthetics of historical army uniforms with a contemporary twist.

Two years in the making.

Standard Issue batches are inspired from analysing historically mass-produced military, work and academic uniforms and infusing their timeless charm into today's world.

Each piece is meticulously crafted to embrace a deliberate, slow approach to fashion. Thoughtfully selected premium materials ensure longevity and graceful aging, allowing these garments to be cherished through extensive use.

Consequently, Atelier Estorninho strives to unite time-honoured garments with cutting-edge fabric technology, blending tradition with modern practicality and reliability.

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