Brand Philosophy
Drawing inspiration from the rich
history of mass-produced military, work,
and academic uniforms, Standard Issue
batches embody a captivating allure that
seamlessly merges the past with the
present, infusing our contemporary world
with the enduring charm of yesteryears.
Meticulously crafted, each piece in this
collection is imbued with a deliberate
focus on sustainable fashion, embracing
a slower approach that cherishes
longevity and quality.
By thoughtfully selecting premium
materials, these garments are designed
to withstand the test of time,
gracefully aging and acquiring a unique
patina that only enhances their appeal.
Atelier Estorninho, with an unwavering
commitment to excellence, endeavors to
unite the time-honored essence of these
historical uniforms with the
cutting-edge advancements in fabric
technology, ensuring a harmonious blend
of tradition, practicality, and
reliability for the modern individual.